Carp Fishing in Spain  river Ebro

Carp fishing on the river ebro

For the best carp fishing in Spain, come Carp fishing on the River Ebro with us. 30- 40lb carp are caught every day here in Caspe. The River Ebro is a Mecca for serious carp fishermen, and its no wonder why.  The river Ebro Carp  record (unofficial) is 80lb caught right here in the Caspe stretch of river above the first dam.

Most of our customers fish for both Catfish and Carp.  Doing a spot of carp fishing at the same time as they are waiting for that monster catfish, but we are happy if you want to fish exclusively for carp.  Either way, we will drop your bait in the perfect position, where we know the fish are feeding regularly. We can even supply the best bait for this location.

On our guided fishing packages, we provide everything you need to catch that dream Carp:

  • The sole attention of an experienced guide
  • Aragon Fishing Licence
  • Day tickets
  • Boat transport (if necessary) to the best locations on the Ebro
  • High-quality, well-maintained fishing tackle and equipment
  • Fish-finder with GPS fitted to all boats 
  • Accommodation: Modern, comfortable and scrupulously clean.  WIFI included 


All you need to bring with you is your preferred end tackle, although we do have tackle shops here in Caspe, or your guide could provide it, at  a reasonable cost.   And if you bring a high capacity USB stick we will share with you copies of all the high quality photos and videos we take of your dream catch, completely Free of Charge.

57 lbs river ebro common carp

57 lbs Common Carp

Fully Scaled Mirror 41.04 lbs

Jeremy caught this beautiful Fully scaled mirror carp in 2020. although a rare fish on the River Ebro we do catch a few every year and each one is a scale perfect stunner

multiple River Ebro takes

expect a hectic day! when these fish start feeding, double, treble, or quadruple takes aren't unusual

Beautiful Common Carp

Another rare fish on the River Ebro, Notice the scales are all white on the edges with a black center. These markings are very unique

Carp and Catfish Fishing on the River Ebro, Spain

Experienced carp anglers and beginners alike, all come here to the Caspe area of the River Ebro to catch not only huge carp, but lots of them on a daily basis.  Whereas in the lakes of France you may catch on or two specimen fish in a 7 day trip, here on the River Ebro you can expect to catch that each day, and a few monster catfish too.

Your experienced guide knows his swim like the back of his hand, he knows the shape of the river floor, the flow of the river, the best time of day, and the favourite places that the fish like to visit. His mission is to get you that fish of a lifetime and he won’t be happy until he succeeds.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a complete novice, if you book a guided trip, your guide will share fishing tips and tricks that work here.  He will take you to the best locations and place your bait in the perfect spot.

River Ebro carp fishing is different to anything you have experienced before. We catch mainly Common Carp, but the lucky angler might bag himself a fully scaled Mirror, and none of these fish have names!  The wild fish here are strong, fast and do not like to be landed, so expect a good fight. Unusually,  n the River Ebro, the carp rarely bite at night, so you can catch that dream fish and be home in time for tea, and get a good tan while you are at it.

Frequently Asked questions about Carp fishing the river ebro

No experience necessary.  Our highly trained guide can show you exactly what to do even if you’ve never fished before.

We can provide everything you need, however if you are an experienced angler and want to try your own rigs and methods then you are more than welcome.

End tackle and bait are not included, but can be provided at extra cost or purchased in the local tackle shops. Also travel costs and food are not included.

Yes, your guide will stay with you all day.

The River Ebro is 930km long, and can rise or drop by up to 12 metres depending on the season.  You guide will choose the best location based on river conditions and years of experience.  If you choose and unguided trip, although we can give you hints and tips, we can’t guarantee the best locations for you.

Yes, most of our clients choose this option, bearing in mind each angler is limited to two rods.

You can catch on tiger nuts, boilies or maize but we have found Halibut pellets to be the most effective.

You can self-cater in your accommodation but if you prefer, we can provide breakfast, a packed lunch, and a home-cooked evening meal.  Just let us know before you arrive if you would prefer this option.

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