Gido’s visit to the River Ebro, Spain 3389 lbs

9 catfish over 100 lbs caught with CatfishingCaspe

A superb weeks fishing in a world class venue, the river Ebro!!! A fantastic group of blokes who go home with some good memories of excellent fishing. 89 Fish were caught, for a total weight of 3389 lbs That equates to 1 fish every 32 minutes.   Definitely not a place to come and relax.

Catfish fishing on the River Ebro Spain

The largest Catfish was 164 lbs!! however they set a new record for most amount of catfish caught in a trip. 9 fish over 100 lbs were caught.

  • Catfish fishing on the River Ebro Spain
    Corjan with his first Ebro catfish

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