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Carp fishing River Ebro, Spain

Carp fishing River Ebro, Spain is truly a mecca for the serious carp fisherman.  Not only are the carp truly massive (and growing), where else in Europe offers such a warm and sunny place to fish?  With 300 days of sunshine a year, and the relaxed Spanish ambience, you’ll enjoy chilling out as much as bagging up!

Although the Ebro has a good head of mirror carp and fully scaled carp, it’s the common carp that makes up the majority of the rivers thriving carp population. Hoards of these long, lean and muscular shoal fish can be seen topping during the day.  You won’t find fish like this in commercial fisheries; many of these lumps haven’t felt a hook and of course they fight accordingly!

Massive shoals of these fish patrol vast reaches of the river Ebro, so big multiple catches during a session are often made. Many of the carp are now in excess of 40lbs, 30lb+ fish are a daily occurrence and 50lb+ carp not uncommon.  The big question is how big will these fish grow? The official carp record for the Ebro currently stands at 78lbs, with rumours of bigger fish having been landed.  When you consider how few serious carp fisherman tackle the Ebro, one begins to appreciate the huge potential the area offers…  Watch this space!

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Carp fishing River Ebro, Spain

  • Carp fishing River Ebro, Spain. 41lb common carp river ebro spain
    41lb common carp river ebro spain