Colin And Steve’s Wels catfish fishing trip, Ebro in Spain

Colin And Steve’s visit to the River Ebro in Spain. The river was in flood and the carp started spawning. This did not deter the lads and we spent 3 days sat in the rising waters. Plenty of Wels catfish and carp were caught  with numerous double takes.

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7 ton ups

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Ians 125 lb Wels Catfish Spain RIver Ebro

Some of the footage from Ian’s trip to the river Ebro. Ian caught and landed lots of fish the best being a 125 lb Wels catfish and 4 common carp over 40 lbs

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102lb Wels catfish on a carp rod River Ebro

Short video of Sam’s visit to the river Ebro. many fish were caught the largest being a 180 lb catfish and a 46 lb common carp.

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Carp spawning in the river Ebro Spain

Catfish and Carp fishing On The River Ebro, Spain

Welcome and enjoy this video of Carp spawning.  We spent a lovely afternoon in the canoes but unfortunately the battery ran out on the camera.  In amongst this lot were Catfish up to 80lbs.

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